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Telfer Business Traction Challenge application form

The form is not yet live for 2017. Please check back later.

For more information, contact Stephen Daze at

This event is supported by the Camille Villeneuve Entrepreneurship Fund at the Telfer School of Management.

Eligibility and Guidelines

  1. The competition is open to fulltime undergraduate students at the Telfer School of Management and/or teams comprised of at least 50% (f/t) Telfer students.
  2. Applicants making it to the final stage of the contest (presentation stage) are not eligible to apply in future years with the same (or similar) business idea.
  3. In the event that we deem that no submission has made substantial progress in achieving significant milestones or meeting our established criteria, we reserve the right to award no prize for that category.
  4. Money awarded will be paid first to the business entity (if applicable), or in the event that no such entity exists, divided equally among the team members identified on the application form.
  5. Requirements to enter the competition include:
    1. uOttawa Sponsor – competing teams are required to secure the commitment of a uO faculty member or employee who agrees to provide advice and guidance to the team both before and beyond the competition. While this is an informal role and these sponsors are not part of the team, they agree to provide this guidance and to also having their name listed as an advisor to the team for this competition. Sponsors can be from any Faculty, the Entrepreneurship Hub, or Start up Garage.
    2. Opportunity Summary (uploaded with application) – three page limit (Calibri 11, single spaced)
    3. Slide deck (uploaded with application)—maximum 10 slides in .ppt or .pdf format only.
  6. If selected as one of the final 3, you will be required to deliver a 10 minute presentation on April 5 at the Entrepreneurship Bridges Series event which will also include an additional 5 minute question and answer period.
  7. If selected as a finalist, applicants will have a brief opportunity to update their submissions based on new milestones and information, if applicable. A timeline to do so will be established when you are notified of your selection as a finalist and must be adhered to.
  8. The winner of the Competition will be determined by a panel of judges; as such, applicants acknowledge and agree to the sharing of all materials submitted with the organizers of the competition and the judges.
  9. By submitting an application, all applicants must confirm that the work presented adheres to the fraud policies as outlined in the Academic Regulations in the University’s Undergraduate Studies Calendar.